Are you attending a meeting or event at The YPSI? Here are some tech notes about the space.

Wi-Fi Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available throughout the building and it’s super fast. Connect your computer or mobile device to Wireless Ypsi. There is no password.


You can connect your laptop to the video projector in the Annex Conference Room with a wired or wireless connection


Here are the typical video connections on your laptop. The most popular are HDMI and Mini-DisplayPort.

  • If you have an HDMI port you are all set. The YPSI provides HDMI cables for no charge, connect your laptop to the cable and select external display on your laptop.
  • If you have a Mini-DisplayPort, like a MacBook or Thinkpad, you may need a converter cable to go from Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI.  Your computer may have come with one or you can get one from Amazon or most local office supply stores.
  • If you have one of the other connectors, get an adapter to go from your video connection to HDMI.
  • To connect to the TV video cart use the same HDMI port and cable.


You can also connect wirelessly to the projector. Called screen mirroring or casting, you will need to install an application for your Windows, Mac, or mobile device. 

Download and install the Screen Mirroring Application for your device before you arrive at The YPSI.

The Windows and Mac apps get good marks from users while the Android and iOS app get low marks from some users so we recommend testing it carefully to make sure it does everything you need before your meeting.

If you are presenting and this is your first time at The YPSI, plan to arrive early to your meeting or schedule an appointment several days before your meeting date and bring your laptop and devices to make sure your tech works the way you want. Call or email The YPSI anytime if you have any questions.

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